After recently celebrating her first Attention Media work anniversary, Marie Lawley, Senior Designer, recounts a few of her favourite projects.

Reflecting on my first year at Attention Media, the things I enjoy most is when one of my ideas has won out, and the client has understood my thought process.

Archilime Visualisation Branding

Archilime Visualisation is a good example of where I felt the relationship I had built with a client had helped inform my thinking; my understanding of who they are, what their offering is, and the type of image they wanted to portray of themselves were all important to consider.

The brief was to rebrand their company and a new training school ‘Archilime Academy’ that could each sit under a same brand idea, whilst still maintaining an individuality. The result of this was a logo, focusing on the idea of the negative space, signifying the CGI’s they create, of things that are not yet there. The two brands worked alongside, simply by reversing the colours from one to the next. This has resulted in a distinctive brand, clearly recognisably linked, which was important for the credibility of the Academy as it could feed off of the reputation and quality of work the company have become known for.

Attention Media MIPIM Brochure

It’s always tricky when your client is your boss, but I was asked to design a promotional piece to represent our agency to be handed out to potential new clients at an international property conference (MIPIM). This was a fun, fast project which stemmed from the rebrand I did for us last year.

The Attention Media logo is an evolved version of it’s former identity which comprises of the initials in a circle. This circle became a hole, punched out of every page of a brochure, which became a device to tell the company’s story through little illustrations that depicted it page by page. The AM logo was therefore visible throughout, and was revealed in its entirely on the last page – a thought to leave prospective clients with, as they inspect the back page for the contact details, an idea of who can fulfil their property marketing in an innovative and creative way.

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