The Morning Advertiser has pulled together a review of what people have been guzzling – by the bucket loads it would seem – in 2016 and key drinks trend predictions for 2017.

Whether you’re a bar/pub/restauranteur or just a frequenter of said establishments, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that gin has been performing extremely well, so too craft beer (now listed in around 42,000 establishments) and the demand for cocktails shows no signs of abating (growth around 14%).

For 2017, rumour has it rum will see a resurgence (possibly growing in a similar vein to the success experienced with gin) with annual growth around 7%, and wine sales are also predicted to carry on performing well.

We are feeling a little smug here as we included a rum bar at our Christmas bash – does this qualify us as trendsetters…??

Take a read of the full review for more a more in-depth look at the drinks performing well in 2016, and the ones tipped to soar further in 2017.

Anyone else thirsty after reading this?

Keep an eye out for our future white paper on how to drive footfall to your venue through integrated marketing.

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